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Natural Therapy Treatments

Natural Therapies

All these therapies help the healing process of the human body, whether you have been ill, suffered a bereavement, 

or dealing with a stressful situation, these therapies can help you feel better in yourself leaving you

with a sense of well-being.

REIKI  £35

Reiki is a healing treatment which helps balance the whole body. 

Aromatherapy Massage

During an Aromatherapy massage essential oils are mixed to provide a bespoke formula tailored to your individual needs. 

 They enter the body by absorption through the pores in the skin, the results of which last up to 24 hours after a massage. 

Back Massage £28

Tension Massage £32

Full Body Massage £44 (ladies only)

Indian Head Massage £20

 This treatment is carried out with the client remaining dressed and seated in a comfortable position.

The therapist massages the back, shoulder, arms, neck, head, scalp and face to eliminate stress and tension in the body.

 Aromatherapy oils can be added for the scalp massage.


Hopi Ear Candle £25

Course of 3 £60 (Recommended)

 This is a North American Indian relaxation technique, to soothe the ear nose and throat area.  Ideal alternative to ear syringing, also,

to have before flying to avoid in-flight pain.


Massage is good for improving blood flow, stimulating the lymphatic system, relieving tension

in tired muscles.


Back Massage £25

Tension Massage £30

Full Body Massage £40

Hot Stone Therapy

Back Massage £35

Full Body Massage £60 (Ladies Only)


 This is an ancient form of Indian Massage using stones from volcanic areas to which retain heat during treatments.   

This massage reaches   4-5 times deeper than normal, making it ideal for reviving energy levels and lifting blockages in the

chakra system.                                                               



Single Treatment £28

Course of 4 Treatments £95

Reflexology works on the basis that all nerve endings in the feet have a corresponding effect on the rest of the body, these reflex points can stimulate the body's own healing process.  This is a very relaxing treatment which  may help to combat stress and inflammation in the body.