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Award-Winning Skincare Biotechnology

Medik8® is an award-winning global skincare brand, sold exclusively by skincare experts. Launched in 2009, Medik8® introduced a

refreshing clinical and scientific approach to skincare, pioneering the trend for results-based products.

Medik8® believe in solutions, with products specifically formulated to target: skin-ageing, acne, redness, pigmentation and dryness.

 Each innovative product is developed and formulated by a team of biochemists and pharmacologists in London, UK. Then Medik8® philosophy insists upon laboratory blending small batches by hand to ensure freshness and potency of actives.

This unique approach earns Medik8® recommendations from leading Doctors, Dermatologists, Nurses and Therapists around the world.

Medik8® Facials £40

Based on cutting edge ingredients, green manufacturing philosophy and simple yet effective techniques, Medik8® facials cater for all skin types and deliver immediately visible results alongside numerous long-term benefits, leaving the client with a beautiful, radiant complexion and completely satisfied.

Hydra8 Facial

Instant and long-lasting hydration boost for dehydrated and dry skin.

Deeply hydrating and restorative facial treatment.

Brings back the skin's vitality and flexibility and eliminates dehydration,

 leaving the skin feeling silky smooth.

Beta Facial

Oily, combination, congested and Acne prone skin types.  This treatment

is designed to normalize sebum secretion, alleviate inflammation and reduce

irritation whilst improving the skin's hydration, texture and tone.

Red Alert Facial

Soothes the most sensitive and redness-prone skin.  Delicate facial treatment

designed specifically for hypersensitive skin with visible thread veins or prone

to redness and inflammation.  Moisturises the epidermis, improves skin firmness & elasticity,

soothes irritations and reduces redness.

White Balance Facial

Evens out skin tone of hyper-pigmented skin.  A complete and extremely effective lightening

treatment for the face, neck and decollete based on carefully elected active ingredients with

brightening properties.  It illuminates complexion and reduces discolouration.